It's what really happening in Ukrainian army

You might hear a lot of lie and false information about the situation in Eastern Ukraine from the mass media. They hide from us the truth, without reporting about a real situation in Ukraine. Well, then I'll tell you what is really happening on the military front in Donbass region right now.

The Ukrainian army tries to break to the cities Lugansk and Donetsk which controlled by Pro-Russian separatists. However approach of the Ukrainian army actually stopped. Despite use of long-range artillery, Poroshenko's army suffer a defeat on all sites of battles.

One of the officers of the Ukrainian army reports the following information.
"We lost during operation in the Eastern Ukraine a large number of military equipment, and we not getting anything new. Separatists capture our tools, artillery and tanks, and it's how they hold their current positions. They are fight against us using our weapon. Only during the period from August, 8 to August, 15 Donbass army got more than 100 pieces of the equipment. The new military equipment in warehouses is absent. We have to use old Soviet's technic which is 30-40 years old. Many tools of this machines aren't suitable for fight or don't function properly. Military forces are in an awful condition. Especially I am talking about aircraft. During the fights in Donbass were brought down or damaged 32 planes and helicopters - we can pretty much say that air forces in Ukraine don't exist anymore. We just don't have anymore planes. The only hope for the Ukrainian government is the military help from the West. But it is not possible in the current situation - intervention of Russia to Ukraine in this case will be almost inevitable"...

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