Lugansk airport - it is all that remained

This is how airport in Lugansk looked before start of the Ukrainian crisis and the war in Eastern Ukraine...


Putin and Poroshenko dialogue about ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine

Russian and Ukrainian President's Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko admitted during a phone discussion that the ceasefire within the eastern of Ukraine is usually seen by the edges regarding the dispute, the press-service of this Russian president said in a declaration on Saturday.


Difference between the Donbass and Europe

You know what the difference between the Donbass and Europe? While in Europe they carry out gay parades, people in Donbass carry out parades of their enemy's captive soldiers.

Kiev doesn't provide record of the dispatchers conversations before shot down of the MH17 flight

Only Russia continues to achieve an objective crash investigation on flight MH17 shot down. It seems like West completely forgot about this scary tragedy and that the guilty have to be punished.

No NATO and EU union for Ukraine

Angela Merkel on Saturday flew to Kiev to talk to the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko. Her visit was designed to prepare for peace talks about the crisis between Poroshenko and Putin in Minsk this coming Tuesday. Merkel pretty much said that it is no way for Ukraine to became a member of NATO and EU union.


Who shut down MH17 plane in Eastern Ukraine: official

Boeing 777 flight MH17 of the Malaysian Airlines was shot down on July, 17 in Eastern Ukraine. Aircraft were on the route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 people who were on board of the MH17 flight died. Tragedy investigation from the experts of the UN Security Council finished at the beginning of August. And here we can tell you official information who shut down MH 17 plane in Eastern Ukraine.