No NATO and EU union for Ukraine

Angela Merkel on Saturday flew to Kiev to talk to the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko. Her visit was designed to prepare for peace talks about the crisis between Poroshenko and Putin in Minsk this coming Tuesday. Merkel pretty much said that it is no way for Ukraine to became a member of NATO and EU union.

Merkel mentioned Ukrainian “decentralisation” as a main factor that can bring about an accord between two sides. Also, speaking to German public broadcaster ARD on Sunday (24 August), the German chancellor said interesting phrase:
"Nato and EU membership for Ukraine is not on the agenda. Poroshenko's participation at a Nato summit in September in Wales is part of Nato-Ukraine co-operation, but not membership."
Too bad for Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko and Co. - they kissed a*ss for a West for a long time and still nobody wants to listen to them. And nobody will - Ukraine will not get far with this fake government, who kill's their own people.

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