Kiev doesn't provide record of the dispatchers conversations before shot down of the MH17 flight

Only Russia continues to achieve an objective crash investigation on flight MH17 shot down. It seems like West completely forgot about this scary tragedy and that the guilty have to be punished.

And you know why they stopped talking about it on the news? Because they know that Russia and pro-Russian separatists have nothing to do with this accident. It is already pretty obvious - remember, first few days after it happened? How much sh*t they been talking about Putin and Russia, they been blaming pro-Russian rebels in the accident without any prove and investigation. Not a long time ago Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that a Ukrainian fighter jet was detected near the Malaysian aircraft shortly before it crashed. Very interesting if the West will officially publish that it is Ukrainian armed forces shot down the MH17 flight. Probably not, because it might ruined all their plans.  But we will see what happens...

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said today, on Monday, 25.
"There has been nothing clear in regard to the reasons of why the full presentation of recordings from the black boxes, or reasons of why the Ukrainian side with all of its airplanes that were flying along the same echelon over the region [have not been provided], and there’s nothing clear of the reasons for the inability to present this information". 
You wanna know why? Because they'r all know the truth. And this truth will be tragic for the Ukrainian government for all the lies.

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